Cuenca Ecuador: Assessment since 911 installation, crime remains unabated, high incidence of nuisance calls

Posted on November 3, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador

On May 1 became operational last Integrated Security Service SIS ECU 911, so yesterday was assessed the first half of management according to Fernando Figueroa, director of ECU 911, said that in this period have received 480,078 calls, of which 94,924 are receptaron in May, 741 in June, 85,801 in July, 83,978 in August, 83.en September, 55,383 in October. Of the calls, 68% (326,924) were false or malicious, so the Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUPERTEL) suspended 284 phone lines. Incidents
More than 41,700 incidents were reported in the central 752 were recorded in 973 in Azuay and Canar.
56% were alerted by cell phone, landline phone 31% and 13% through surveillance cameras. In Azuay, incidents, 60% belongs to the category police, health followed with 19% and 12.6% Transit. Of these 14,889 were contraventions, ie consumption of liquor, fights, etc., 4032 traffic accidents, 451 offenses; 1777 forest fires….. Read Article

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