Cuenca Ecuador: American Expatriate beaten by taxi drivers while police look on, faces robbery charges

Posted on October 30, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

Richard Bodeker an expatriate from Arkansas and living in Loja Ecuador went on the taxi ride of his life or what he thought was nearly the loss of his life. Monday October 22, 2012, in Cuenca Ecuador, Mr. Bodeker hailed a taxi after making sure the vehicle had valid license plates and permit stickers at 8:00PM near the Electric company offices. He wanted the taxi to take him to the bus station when Mr. Bodeker noticed the driver was taking a round about route. He asked the driver to stop and let him out. The driver hesitated and the Mr. Bodeker jumped out of the taxi at the next stoplight.

The driver demanded a thirty dollar payment for a five minute ride in the wrong direction which should have cost two dollars. The passenger refused to pay the amount which he believed to be intentional inflated and began to walk away. The taxi driver followed him and radioed other taxis telling them he had been robbed by the American.

The taxi drivers approached Mr. Bodeker and began to beat him up and then threw him over a 20 drop from the road. They phoned police who according to Mr. Bodeker allowed the drivers to continue the beating after he was taken into custody.

Mr. Bodeker was taken to jail, denied medical attention and was charged with attempting to rob the Taxi driver. Mr. Bodeker’s Ecuadorian wife secured an attorney and was able to get him released from jail on October 23, 2012. He visited a hospital for treatment and a week later still is suffering from bruised ankles, abrasions, several sprains and bruises on his head from the beating.

He is required to report to Court October 30, 2012 in Cuenca before a judge on attempted robbery charges. However, Mr. Bodeker has also filed a formal complaint against the taxi driver. Read Article – – NOTE – SOME OF THE INFORMATION IN THIS ABSTRACT WAS OBTAINED FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS AND BELIEVED TO BE RELIABLE.

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