“Crispy” drug makes inroads Manta Ecuador, dangerous affects

Posted on July 12, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Social Issues

$ 10 cost to “Crispy”, which is already available. Cause damage to the body.
A new drug is distributed in Manta. His name is “Crispy”. According to police, he would be in the hands of consumers in the city. “Crispy” is a more powerful marijuana that produces hallucinations, which has a greater percentage of psychoactive substance, and those who have consumed a drug identified as the strongest. Andrew, a consumer of “Crispy” Manta says that for him this type of marijuana is not new, it consumes while. He says the “Crispy” is one of the 30 thousand varieties having marijuana, and is actually very strong. “People say that the mixture leaves the bud of the marijuana plant and the coca plant, or mixed with cocaine, but I prefer to consume it alone,” says Andrew. He says that, when mixed with cocaine, it will be difficult to turn. “Marijuana is smoked,” he stresses. Notes that those who are not accustomed to smoking marijuana constantly, try “Crispy” could eventually suffer hallucinations. Read Article

The cost of “tamuga” or drug packaging, ranges from $ 10 onwards.

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