Costa Rica: in defense of GM corn

Posted on January 23, 2013 • Filed under: Agriculture, OXFAM Latin America

Perhaps they should explain the recent statements by Mark Lynas, environmental leader who became famous in the mid-nineties for leading the anti-GM campaign. At a conference of Oxfam, Lynas apologized for his crusade against GM crops and said his opposition to this technology “could not be more counterproductive”. Lynas said his change of opinion on this issue is due to a single factor: “I discovered science.” The Lynas mea culpa speaks volumes as it was he who started the global environmental movement against GMOs.
—————————————————————— reported that the announcement that the government approved the planting of two hectares of GM corn , we can expect a new offensive against environmental groups that technology. We can also expect that these organizations resort to all sorts of lies and misinformation to scare people about the dangers of nonexistent agricultural biotechnology.

I still remember the press conference that environmental groups were in the Legislature two years ago where he cited a study by the World Health Organization warning that “GMOs pose risks for the health of the population and on the integrity of the environment” . The press Creole, as usual, with semicolons cited the alleged quote from WHO study without bothering to check if it was true or not. In fact, the WHO document concluded that “GM foods [GM] currently available on the international market have undergone risk assessments and are not likely to present further risks to human health than their conventional counterparts” . In this space I asked the representatives environmentalists, led by Fabian Pacheco, which is exactly where I point out that the WHO study said what they said. I’m still waiting for the answer . Read Article

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