Correa and the Reality of Life in Ecuador, an open letter

Posted on April 9, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics / Open Letter: Correa and the Reality of Life in Ecuador
The Oppressive Emperor Has No Clothes
By Juliana Morosco and Arianna Tanca

The reality of life in Ecuador is seldom allowed to be shown internationally by the ruling regime. Our aim with this open letter is to provide an insight, from an Ecuadorian perspective, on the matters to be discussed by President Rafael Correa during his upcoming visits to Harvard, Yale, and MIT.

Individual freedoms are being violated in Ecuador on a daily basis, and we consider it our civil duty as students, Ecuadorians, and concerned citizens, to present clear examples of the misuse of power throughout the last seven years of the “Citizen Revolution.”
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Correa may boast about the development of rail connectivity in Ecuador and government spending on highways, but that does not mean we should accept domineering arrogance and character assassination as the norm. On a weekly basis, our country suffers through his Saturday broadcast, Sabatina — as we’re supposed to give thanks for paved roads.

We might be more appreciative if Correa were not misusing the state apparatus to benefit the ruling party, as well as his own stranglehold on power. Through his televised addresses to the Ecuadorian public, he uses the taxpayer-funded platform for state propaganda, to campaign for the Alianza PAIS (AP) political party, and to denigrate the opposition. Read Article

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