Colombia: Military neutralizes explosive devices to be used in attack against public

Posted on October 18, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Explosives / Bombs, FARC, Police/Military Activity

On the frame of the operations made by men from the Army against the guerrilla structures from the Farc, in the last hours were neutralized 10 handmade explosive artifacts which were going to be used against the civilian population. Initially, soldiers from the Vulcano Task Force in the sector known as Caño Escondido in the municipality of Convención, Norte de Santander, was registered the destruction of a mined field installed by the terrorist cells from the group 29 of the Farc made up by six mines. Meanwhile in the urban area of Calamar, Guaviare, were the troops from the 24th Infantry Battalion troops, located a handmade bottle type mine with a tension activation system installed by members from the Armando Ríos group from the Farc. As well, troops attached to the 21st Mobile Brigade located in an opportune way three improvised explosive artifacts installed by members from the Pedro Nel Jimenes Ovando group of the Farc at the Dorado town at the municipality of Colombia, Huila. In the site the soldiers confiscated and destroyed approximately 13 kilos of R1 explosives and 150 meters of slow fuse.

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