Colombia: BACRIM selling adulterated liquor to finance activities

Posted on October 25, 2011 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, Latin America Health, Police/Military Activity

Emerging criminal gangs forcing shop owners to buy their liquor. The extortion and even threaten them with death. This business allows them to finance other criminal activities.
A study by the University of Antioquia, released by El Tiempo revealed that these criminal groups from Colombia promoted the sale of adulterated drinks. “The shopkeepers and traders are forced to buy from Rastrojos the drink they sell,” they say. In fact, reports and newspaper legal distributors of beverages in the Antioquia department can not reach certain areas because it prohibits criminals. “They (the BACRIM) spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, handing the drink fake. Again Monday and Tuesday to collect the money,” says the source. The average cost of a bottle of brandy Antioquia fraudulent, for example, does not exceed 4,000 pesos (2 dollars). That is a wide margin of profit for everyone involved in the chain until it reaches the final consumer. A bottle of brandy legitimate Antioqueño worth about 22,000 pesos (11 dollars). Read Article

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