Chone Ecuador: Internet cafe assaulted third time in year, blocks from police station

Posted on December 15, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Internet

According to the owners and users of the Internet PC, located in Pichincha and seven in August, streets in Chone, took a big scare when armed men entered the premises and stripped them of their belongings of value.
The fact was recorded around 17 h 00 on Wednesday, as a witness was.
The user requested to omit his name said that the local entered two men and a third stood outside watching, with a motorcycle on. Thus, after the robbery disappeared of the place.

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prejudice. The crooks took possession of a laptop, $100 in cash and cell phones of those present.
It is the third time that assail the same establishment, said the injured person.
Those affected expressed regret over the delay of the police officers. The UPC is two blocks from the place assaulted. Read Article

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