Chile: lawmaker wants law that specifically prosecutes kidnap express crimes

Posted on December 4, 2013 • Filed under: Chile, Crime reported that legislator DC Matias Walker entered the Chamber of Deputies a draft law that seeks to punish clearly express kidnapping, considering that it is currently treated as robbery with intimidation. As designated by the Falangist Deputy, the current provision prevents the possibility of knowing exactly how many acts of this nature occur in the country. “We want to be honest this situation, so we can apply criminal policies to avoid the proliferation of this crime, which today is a nightmare in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia,” he said.

The Deputy explained that “for this project what we seek is to settle the penalty of imprisonment in its medium to maximum grade, but always in the form of kidnappings, in order to treat them as such and generate law enforcement policies that effectively prevent the case of express kidnapping, and can stop the proliferation of these crimes”.

That crime is characterized as a kidnapping of short duration in order to obtain all the possible money the victim either of their bank accounts or money available in cash that his family together in a space of a few hours or space of time no more than a couple of days. Read Article

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