Central America: One out of fifty young people will die due to violence according to U.N.

As a result of the violence generated mainly by organized crime and drug trafficking, one in 50 young Central Americans under age 20 will die before they killed 32, according to the UN.

The homicide rate in the region, the largest in the world, is 400 times higher than the average in countries with low levels of violence, said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, to the General Assembly the United Nations.

According to the UN, the homicide rate in Guatemala is 39 murders per 100 000 inhabitants, while in El Salvador is 72 and that of Honduras is 86, which represents 10 times the world average . Ban said countries in the region, especially those of the Northern Triangle, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras-face “increasing levels of violence, fueled by transnational organized crime and drug trafficking.” Read Article

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