Buenos Aires, Argentina known as “City of a Thousand Brothels”

Posted on August 7, 2012 • Filed under: Argentina, Crime, Human Smuggling, Organized Crime, Social Issues

At least 6,000 women are kept as prisoners in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working as prostitutes. They are the victims of human trafficking, which is prominent in this city. They can be found working in saunas, bars, and luxury clubs, among other locations in which they would not be suspected, Diario Z reports. Girls engaged in this work in Buenos Aires usually come from outside countries and are extremely poor. At first, they are promised a good job. Then, they are raped, deprived of food, given drugs and alcohol, and hear threats against their families. After this initial desensitization, they are moved to their brothel or prostitution destination. Buenos Aires is especially known to be a prime location of prostitutes from the Dominican Republic. Read Article

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