Brazil, The struggle for land in the Amazon also has a female face

Posted on August 21, 2011 • Filed under: Agriculture, Brazil, Conflicts, Enviromental Issues, Social Issues

When illegal loggers with their guns pointed him to the head, Miguel de Lima Nilcilene tried to run but his legs betrayed him. “Never mind, said one of them will not die today.” His knees trembled as the gunman was “a month to remove the association and stop bothering us. And if you try to denounce, we burn the house.” Loggers were looking for Nilcilene, a farmer of 45 years and leader of a local association, your own farm house, built in a small plot located in a settlement, ceded by the government in the south of the Amazon rainforest. A month earlier, this woman was beaten against a team of government inspectors to whom denounced illegal logging. Read Article

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