Brazil, migration of bees changing

Posted on September 5, 2011 • Filed under: Agriculture, Brazil, Enviromental Issues

The “collapse of the bees,” is known as the phenomenon of disappearance of bees from hives with no apparent cause or explanation, is worrying producers worldwide. They are primarily responsible for the balance of plant through pollination. It was in order to prevent this phenomenon reaches Rondônia that environmentalists and farmers created the Meliponinae Beekeepers Association and the Amazon (Apama), focusing on the preservation of the species. The association, established over 16 years, holds a volunteer rescue the bees in the urban area of ​​Porto Velho, which, according to the president Agnaldo Cross, have increasingly migrated to the city for protection, because of the changes climate, use of pesticides in plantations and also the high rate of fire. Read Article

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