Brazil, Belém is the gateway to the Amazon

Posted on October 30, 2011 • Filed under: Brazil, TRAVEL

Belém .- The ship sailed up the river Guamá on Guayará Bay and leaves behind the urban area to approach the coast of dense vegetation. Moisture and nearly 40 ° C punish the body.
On the Furo of Patience, Patience, or hole, one arrives at Boavista community, home to caboclos, Amerindians are descended from the merger between the Indian and the white man. They are the inhabitants of the island Cumbú, compared to Belem, a city of 1,500,000 inhabitants, capital of Pará state. Viewed from the docks of the shore bathe near the barges that used to fish at dawn, watching the movements of strangers. But they are friendly, open the doors of their homes, taught to peel chestnuts, climb trees or handling tarantulas. Read Article

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