Bolivia: Small aircraft crashes near clandestine airstrip, coca fields

Posted on August 31, 2012 • Filed under: Bolivia, Crime, Drug Activity, Latin America Aviation reported on August 15 the community, in Yapacani staff Special Force against Drug Trafficking and found a clandestine airstrip near a stricken aircraft.
According to the report of the Red One, suspect that the ship would have tried to take flight when he suffered a mishap and fell to the ground which caused it to burn. Officials of the Special Force against Crime, also were at the scene because the villagers thought they could have a dead person inside the plane, but investigators found nothing, suspect the injured or deceased person was rescued after the accident.
Significantly, a few meters from the track illegal coca plantations were small they were sprouting, narcotics agents proceeded to eradicate after having collected evidence and samples of the ship that were carried FELCN to investigate what happened .. Read Article

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