Bolivia: Peruvian Drug Traffickers Resist Bolivian Coca Eradication Efforts

Posted on May 30, 2013 • Filed under: Bolivia, Crime, Drug Activity, Peru, Police/Military Activity

From Lainformacion on May 28, 2013- The Bolivian government has reported that Peruvian citizens, with known ties to drug traffickers, in the town of Apollo, 450 km north of La Paz, have been actively resisting coca eradication efforts. In Apollo, about 30 people tried to prevent a joint task force of Bolivian armed forces and police from eradicating illegal coca. The Peruvians attacked the agents with sticks and rocks, who responded by firing tear gas to disperse them.  19 people were wounded in the confrontation. According to the Deputy Minister of Controlled Substances, Felipe Cáceres, there have also been reports of FARC activity in northern Bolivia, and police investigations have led the authorities to believe that FARC deserters are training paramilitary drug traffickers in the region.  Cáceres said that attacks against government agents would not be tolerated, and illegal coca eradication will continue.  Read Article 


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