Bolivia: Four Teenage Victims of Rape in Santa Cruz

Posted on May 29, 2013 • Filed under: Bolivia, Crime, Human Smuggling, Police/Military Activity

On May 24, 2013 FM Bolivia reported the case of four rape victims in Santa Cruz. The attorney for the four teenage girls, Jorge David Suárez, is seeking to prevent the release of three suspects who are also accused of belonging to a trafficking network.

According to Suárez, the assailant followed his victims home from school, observing whether they were alone or if their parents were waiting for them. However, a female accomplice was the one responsible for convincing the girls to come to his house. The accomplice enticed the girls into following her to the assailant, where he then raped them and forced them to have sex with other men. According to subsequent investigations, the suspect’s customers allegedly include several police officers and employees of a Santa Cruz sugar mill. Although the case was discovered in 2011, police assume that the trafficking network has been operating for several years. Read Article

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