Avianca Airlines cancels flight Monday from Buenos Aires to Colombia: reports conflicting as to why

Posted on December 20, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Colombia, Latin America Aviation, TRAVEL

An uncomfortable situation presented this morning at the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a Colombian airline flight departures Aviaco suspended for security reasons referring to the large amount of ash emissions from a volcano in Chile. Ginna Cohn, editor of the newspaper El Cordoba Meridian is located at the airport since it had deslazarse at 7:45 but the airline said the flight was suspended. Cohn, who communicated with the journalists of the country, says the operation of other airlines at the airport are still normal, she found out the Air Management of the site and a spokesman confirmed to all the crew that there was no problem of ash . However, until 9 am the airline had not solved anything. Read Article

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