Argentina, Suicide research in Córdoba to improve prevention

Posted on June 27, 2011 • Filed under: Argentina, Health, Social Issues

The Ricardo Núñez Research Center has released data from an unpublished study focussing on suicide in Argentina, specifically in the province of Córdoba, that the Department of Health hopes will lead to improved suicide prevention programs in the country, according to The issue of suicide is not one frequently discussed in Argentina, there are few studies done about it and little to no action to prevent it even though an estimated 3 thousand Argentines commit suicide each year, making it the Latin American country with the highest suicide rate. The recent study shows that there were 242 suicides in Córdoba in 2009 and 263 in 2008. The majority of the suicides were male, single and employed. The first stage of the research project, collecting data, is an essential step in bringing suicide into conversation, say researchers involved. The second stage examines the events that occurred right before the suicide and the methods used to commit the act. This information will help officials identify risk factors and design prevention strategies for specific regions.
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