Argentina dollar crisis impacting hiring of foreign executives, public speakers, teachers

Posted on August 4, 2012 • Filed under: Argentina, Business, Economy

On the impossibility of buying foreign currency, the country no longer attractive to expatriates. Businesses, business schools and producers are facing serious problems to settle wages and fees. How do they jump the barriers and study what alternatives? With the deepening of the stocks exchange, the government is seeking care for the few dollars in the economy in order to meet its debt commitments. To do so, seeks to prevent hoarding by savers “spoiled” to take refuge in the greenback. However, due to the restrictions, Argentina’s doors began to close for those executives who s foreign multinationals destinarles used to key positions within the local market. In parallel, the country is also ceasing to be attractive for speakers (speakers) and “gurus” as well as international for teachers, class-usually made visits to provide classes in universities, especially in the most prestigious business schools. Read Article

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