Argentina: 8 Stand Trial for Labor Exploitation of 57 Bolivians

Posted on June 3, 2013 • Filed under: Argentina, Bolivia, Crime, Human Smuggling, Police/Military Activity

On June 2, 2013 the Argentinian Judicial Information Center reported that eight individuals will stand trial on charges of labor exploitation. Defendants Juan Carlos Quispe, Wilma Chacolla Marca, Valentín Mamani Lecoña, Graciela Choquetarqui Marca and Virginia Mamani Lecoña are accused of trafficking, forced servitude and maintaining illegal immigrants. Efraín Serrano Mamani, Santos Álcon Huanacuni, Agustín García Álbarez are accused of aiding and abetting in the offenses.

Last April during a raid on three clandestine textile workshops, police discovered 57 Bolivian nationals living and working in the workshops. According to the Judicial Information Center, the victims worked up to 12 hour days while experiencing overcrowded conditions, insecurity, and a complete lack of hygiene while being monitored by security cameras. Documents seized in the raids revealed that the defendants were part of the Work Co-op Taverguis, which manufactured clothing for the brands “Narrow”, “M 51”, “Zurah Jeans” and “Berry Blue”. Read Article

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