Ambato, Ecuador: Grizzly scene of newborn being devoured by pack of dogs

Posted on January 3, 2018 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (machine translated) Part of the skull of a baby, probably newborn, was found inside a private plot, where the dogs devoured the rest of his body.

This shocking event was discovered at approximately 09:00 on Thursday by the owner of the place, located in the Jesús del Gran Poder district, of Miñarica Bajo, of the Santa Rosa parish, in Ambato (Tungurahua).

The inhabitants covered the skull with a jute sack, until the arrival of the police units, who took due process.

José Guamán, owner of the property, said he was cleaning his land when he noticed that several dogs were devouring something. As he got closer he could see the head of a baby.

“One of the animals tried to take the skull, but I intimidated him with a stick and threw it out. That’s how I realized it was from a human being, “said Guamán.

Agents of the National Directorate of Crimes against Life, Disappearances, Extortion and Kidnapping of Persons (Dinased) and Criminalistics searched other parts of the body, but found nothing.

Later they lifted the skull, which was put in a cover for its transfer to the Forensic Center of Ambato. After the respective examinations it will be known if the baby was dead or alive when it was devoured by the animals.

“The little one has his face destroyed, only the back of the skull was found. It seems that the victim is a baby one week old, since he had hair, “said Alexandra Poaquiza, a resident of the sector. The woman asked the police to continue the investigations and thus find the whereabouts of the parents. Read Article

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