Airline industry in Ecuador is not competitive (Interview)

Posted on October 18, 2011 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador, Latin America Aviation, TRAVEL

Interview of the day to Raul Garcia, president of the Chamber of Tourism
In recent months there have been problems in the aviation industry: aircraft damage, delayed flights, etc.. The answers are lack of space at the airport and weather conditions. What is your reading on what is happening?
Connectivity is the word of the future. We do not have enough routes and airlines linking destinations such as Brazil, which is American power. Is a neighbor and there is no direct flight from Ecuador. Our country is in the middle of the world and should be connected to all possible destinations. Think strategically at airports, reduce costs of airport charges, and in our airlines, we should take a stand.
But there is an air fuel subsidy for companies in Ecuador.
Yes, but the fuel issue I see with a bit of uneasiness. LAN is a power that is entering the last corner of the country. Aerogal Colombian group was sold to Avianca, Taca. Read Article

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