A story of growing financial crimes in Central America

Posted on November 22, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Honduras, Police/Military Activity

This story tells of a real case. They have changed names and some details have been omitted. THE COMPLAINT. The woman, a woman of small stature, plump, white, freckled cheeks and stained by the sun, sat in front of the detective Financial Crimes Section National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC), stirring nervously gold and silver bracelets on her wrists carrying, twisting a handkerchief wet with tears and snot with their little fingers full of rings and desperately moving her big black eyes that wept uncontrollably.
She had been scammed. It was the last that could have happened in my life. The economic situation was not good enough to sustain your business with the solvency of those years he ruled “Mel” Zelaya, when she, as a good fellow, he was well recommended and it was the provider of many public institutions that never fails to payments, provided they will not be long with the respective human tithe to the very government officials. And now he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and worse, prison or death, because the man who lent him money not understand delays, problems or low sales. Quite simply, with “The Black Cat” is not played. Paid and, of course, expect their money and profits by the stipulated date.
“How much money had been cheated?” Read Article

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