80 border crossings used by drug traffickers between Paraguay and Argentina

There are over 80 border crossings used by traffickers. Until the end of August there were 650 drug raids. Seized 25 tons of cannabis and arrested 42 people. 90% of prison inmates Candelaria are “mules”.

At that time the Paraná mirror reflects only shade, water boatmen earn sheer necessity. Rowing load hurry and fear, unable to understand why what they do is wrong, but surely the fate of the pay. According to the current and the moon, six or ten minutes to reach the other side, will get rid of kilos of marijuana, and if luck does not abandon them, return to their land without opportunities to the next intersection. Of the 390 km border between Argentina and Paraguay, just over 200 are provided by the jurisdiction of Eldorado, with its capital of illegality known by all as the Triple Border, by the proximity to Brazil.Only in Eldorado are more than 80 crossings, including underground natural and used by drug traffickers who make the area in the entrance door of the Paraguayan marijuana into the country. A fame that the numbers support it. Read Article ( Outstanding information as to Drug Operations)

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